Christy is a musician/composer, photographer, artist and a teller of stories. He grew up in a family steeped in Irish music and traditions in County Clare. His father, Joe, played with the Tulla Ceili Band with his uncles Paddy and Pj Hayes and his mother Biddy was a renowned set dancer.
He has lived and worked in London, Sydney and New York. His perspective on Irish music and home place has been a central pillar in his work as an artist. His black and white photography is an intimate portrayal of Irish rural life that began at home in County Clare, it is significant on both aesthetic and documentary levels focusing on a locale with sensitivity, insight and understanding. His photographs tell a personal story of home, family, community and traditions.

“ I started this work over 30 years ago as a matter of urgency and now many of that older generation are past and gone and with it a whole way life changed before my eyes. ”

His book “The Living Note,” a collaboration with writer Peter Woods (O ‘Brien Press,1996 gained worldwide attention and praise.

He has worked with many leading corporate clients and artists over the years including U2, Loreena Mc Kennett and The Pogues.

His work has been exhibited extensively and it can be found in public and private collections, including that of Clare County Council and The Irish Traditional Music Archive. It has been sought after by private art collectors, including Hollywood Oscar-nominated screen writer Jeff Maguire and actors Brad Pitt and Whoopi Goldberg.

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